PMC (Production & Material Control)
solution Main features

General Features

Run on a dedicated server or cloud server

Can be purchased as SaaS or on-site license

PMC is secured based on a role-based setup and you can delegate functions

PMC handles single-venue, multi-venue, multi-concept, and multi-warehouse operations

Handling VAT, TAX, Landing Cost, and FOC materials

Handling ill-factors, production, and yielding

PMC can interface with your POS, Accounting, and ERP

Supplier Setup and communication with email

You can implement your workflow and multi-level approval in the workflow

Alerting on thresholds

Item Setup

Four levels setup hierarchical category for items

Handling par levels and expiry dates

Defining two packing units for items

Defining two consumption units for items

Defining the type of items as raw material, producible, or transient items

Tracking of last purchase price and average purchase price

Tracking the items in different locations of the venue

Purchasing Cycle

In PMC you only need one entry point:

And, that is Material Request

The rest of operation is only converting one form to the others:

Purchase Order

Receiving Goods

Posting Invoice

Good return

You can archive the soft copy of suppliers invoices with the PMC internal workflow forms

Consumption Cycle

Tracking the materials consumption based on:

1-to-1 link of a sell-able item and purchased item

Recipe of sell-able item/menu item

Bill of the material in the production

Transient items in production

Consuming of non-sellable items

Wastage and Breakage

III Factor, Production, and Yielding

In-house consumptions

Transferring items between venues

Cost Control

Physical Inventory tacking

Auditing the operation

Controlling Variances

Material/Food Cost Matrix

Mobile operation

Tracking the recipe changes as different vesrions


PMC has a comprehensive reporting system that covers all parts of the operation in all and each operation cycle